House of Prayer

House of Prayer

Physical Healing


Miraculous Baby

I experienced many complications during my pregnancy... (Continue Reading)

Through prayer, the son who was born with epilepsy is healed!

Soon after my eldest son was born, we found out that he had epilepsy... (Continue Reading)

The Healing of an Austistic Son

In 2008, my son Jo-jo was one and a half years old. He could not say a single word... (Continue Reading)

Miraculous Healing : Perforated Eardrum & Chest Pain

 In the winter of 2012, I traveled to Hong Kong with my family. However, I was coughing very hard as I returned and my chest was extremely painful... (Continue Reading)

Genecological Disorder

In 2007, I was diagnosed with cervical erosion which required a surgery to remove the festering tissue... (Continue Reading)

Miraculous Healing of Diplopia (Double Vision)

In about two years ago, one day my eye suddenly could not see things clearly, and everything I saw became overlapping images... (Continue Reading)



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