House of Prayer

House of Prayer

Being Healed From 20-Year Neuro Disorder

I once had a strange sickness which had been troubling me for twenty years. During the time I had a weird friend. She loved to gossip and often distorted the facts, and she also loved to intimidate people. Our group of friends were afraid of her and did not want anything to do with her, but she would not leave us alone. One time she even called my company to intimidate me and that greatly terrified me. Later I learned that this intimidation was the cause of my weird disorder. I began to feel the tightness and numbness with my body muscles and I often had convulsions. My body senses also lost their natural reactions; sometimes I did not feel hungry, and I did not know when to avoid danger, for example I would not immediately draw back my hand when touching very hot water.

I had seen many doctors but none of them could figure out the reason of the disorder. The condition of my health worsens and later I even had difficulty swallowing my saliva, and sometimes I could not help drooling. Eventually the doctor considered my disease as the problem of conduction within my nervous system. 

I suffered for twenty years and I had a hard time finding a job. Some employers would not hire me after knowing about my situation; there were times that I got fired or had to quit unwillingly because of my body condition. Because of my disorder, I could not get a normal job and thus I also struggled financially. I felt distressed, frustrated and disappointed, and there seemed to be no way out.

Until a few years ago, I learned that Jesus could heal and deliver us when we pray to Him, so I asked the pastor to pray for me. The pastor let me know that this disorder was related to sin and the evil spirit; and by confessing my sin, the evil spirit would be cast out. Later I learned from the ministers in the house of prayer about the confession of sins and the ways to break spiritual bondages.

I am gradually healed from my weird neuro disorder after a period of time. I no longer feel the numbness in my body nor the stiffness of my muscle. There is no more allergic or dull reaction. I also become joyful and hopeful because of my healing. Jesus has given me hope, peace, and joy. May He receive all the glory and praise!


Suk Chow



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