House of Prayer

House of Prayer

2015 Turkey Prayer Trip

Receive & Renew the Spiritual Power of the Early Churches

Visit Istanbul the Seven Churches of the Revelation

Bless Turkey with the spiritual power of the early churches through prayer walk and receive the anointing of the apocalyptic revelation.


 3.28.2015Sat)~ 4.3.2015Fri



(The above price only applies to people joining the Egypt missions trip)

*Fee includes : Turkey domestic air ticket, hotel, breakfast & lunch, admission tickets for desginated scenic spots, transportation fees. Air fare might fluctuate; please register as soon as possible for cheaper tickets.

Save $200 by registering before 1/25/2015

Discounted Price: USD$1100


Day 1

3/27 (Fri) Istanbul
Arrive at Istanbul, stay at hotel

Day 2

3/28 (Sat) Istanbul
1 day trip at Istanbul

Day 3

3/29 (Sun) Izmir/ Smyrna

Domestic flight to Izmir/Smyrna airport, transport to Urla and visit local churches. Stay at Izmir/Smyrna hotel.

Day 4

3/30 (Mon) Izmir/Smyrna

Visit Lighthouse Church, meet with Pastor Mr. Fikret and attend their service. Visit the church of Smyrna. Stay at Izmir/Smyrna hotel.

Day 5

3/31 (Tue) Izmir/Smyrna

Visit the churches of Pergamum and Thyatira. Stay at Izmir/Smyrna hotel.

Day 6

4/1 (Wed) Pamukkale "Cotton Castle"

Visit the churches of Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea and the ancient Greek city Hierapolis. Stay at Pamukkale hotel.

Day 7

4/2 (Thur) Izmir/Smryna
Visit the church of Ephesus and St John's Cathedral. Stay at Izmir/Smryna hotel.

Day 8

4/3 (Fri)
Domestic flight to Istanbul in the morning, transit to LA.


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