House of Prayer

House of Prayer

House Of Prayer: Moving Toward

24-Hour/Day, 7-Day/Week, 365-Day/Year


Through the daily prayer meetings and opening hours, as well as the biweekly 24-hour prayer sessions, we release the heavenly power to the cities and nations with our unceasing prayers of faith and unity.

We welcome every Christian and intercessor, regardless of your age, denomination, or spiritual maturity, who believe in the transforming power of prayers to come to the House of Prayer and cry out to God in prayers of faith.

Sunrise House of Prayer: Prayer Meetings & Opening Hours



Biweekly 24-Hour Prayer Session


The first and fourth week of every month from Friday 6PM to Saturday 6PM

2 Hours per session. Prayer sessions will be led by leaders or churches with different backgrounds, cultures and languages.

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Sunrise House of Prayer
8618 Mission Dr.,
Rosemesad, CA 91770