House of Prayer

House of Prayer

The Mission to Release the Transforming Heavenly Power in this City

We believe that the heavenly power of transformation can be released through prayers of unity

We desire to see the transformation of Los Angeles, for it to enter into its destiny of "the City of Angels" 



Since we established the House of Prayer, we always collaborate with the local pastors and churches in driving the united regional prayer movement

This includes the annual Global Day of Prayer and the L.A. Prayer Bus Tour




2014 Global Day Of Prayer (6/8)



2014 L.A. Prayer Bus Tour: Win Los Angeles for Christ


The 10th L.A. Prayer Bus Tour on 12/7.  More than 400 prayer warriors set out from the Eastside, Westside, South Bay, and Irvine to go around Los Angeles and pray for L.A.

The prayer warriors from the four areas gathered at the Korean UBM church in the city of Anaheim after the prayer bus tour for a Chinese-Japanese-Korean United Prayer Meeting. Through passionate prayers and worship, we separate into groups to prayer for the politcal, economic, entertainment, and missional areas of Los Angeles. After meeting for an hour, intercessors will return to the bus and continue the bus tour back to their starting point.


Sunrise House of Prayer
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