House of Prayer

House of Prayer

Regional Prayer Training


Raise up and connect the Kingdom Intercessors among the Chinese churches, and revive the Prayer Ministry of different churches; prepare the Chinese Churches as the pioneer of prayer and revival. 


Partner with different pastors and churches for prayer trainings or regional prayer conferences: 

Provide different levels of prayer teachings, trainings, and practices, or hold ignite revival prayer conferences, in order to improve the understanding and desire for prayer among churches and believers;

partner with local pastors in training and leading prayers, assist the local pastors to start off a prayer movement.

Ignite Revival Prayer Conference Content

The Mystery of the Tabernacle

Entering a Divine Favor with Prayer

Prayer that Changes Things

Prayer that Directs the Future

An Abundant Life of Prayer

Intercession that Transforms the City

The Mystery of the Power of Prayer

Prayer Teachings, Trainings, and Practices Content

Lectio Divina

Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

A Desire Heart & Foundation

Prayer & the Act of Faith

Prayer & Prophetic Words

Revive the Prayer Altar in Churches

The Power and Practice of Fasting and Prayer

Entering the Life & Practice of Jesus' Prayer Life

Buildling the Prayer Culture of an Apostolic Church

The Breakthrough of a Spiritual Life through Prayer

How to Receive the Word of God in Prayer

How to Pray Strategically for Your Family's Salvation

Past Conferences

2015 Prayer Summit

2014 Prayer Summit

If you are interested in inviting us to provide local prayer traingings, please feel free to contact us .



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