House of Prayer

House of Prayer

Prayer Healing Ministry

Purpose: To free people from bondages and oppressions through prayers

Services include:  

  • Prayer session for physical healing* (any kind of illnesses)
  • Prayer session for spiritual, mental, and emotional problems (any kind of spiritual, mental and emotional problems including insomnia, depression, lacking purpose or meaning in life, etc.)
  • Prayer and counseling session for marital problems (any kind of relationship or marital issues)
  • Prayer session for deliverance from addiction (drug abuse, gambling, pornography, etc.)
  • Prayer session for deliverance from demonic oppression (demonic oppression, nightmares, etc.)
  • Prayer for spiritual cleansing of any places (residential home, business, office, etc.)

Serving:   People of any age, gender, ethnic background, and religion 

Service Time:   60 mins

*We believe that God also heals people through doctors and medication.  Medication and healing prayers present no conflict against one another because God heals His people through many different ways.  At the same time, the Bible is filled with examples of people who got completely healed through the miraculous power in the name of Jesus.

Appointment: Please contact us to make an appointment for healing service.

Healing Testimony:

Brother Mike, a veteran, was unable to walk for years because of his injury in the past. In December 2012, he attended the Miracle Healing Crusade hosted by the Sunrise House of Prayer. Since he was the only Caucasian there, he was easily identified and noticed among the audience.  Mike came to the Healing Crusade for two consecutive days.  On the first day, he witnessed an elder sister who was able to rise from a wheelchair and walk; with greater faith, Mike also stood up from his wheelchair for a short while.  On the second day, nonetheless, he still came back in a wheelchair. Hence, our intercessors prayed for him again but we were unsure about how his situation turned out to be at that moment.  Surprisingly, in the afternoon of January 18th 2013, Mike visited SHOP, and he walked into SHOP!  His legs were completely healed and he no longer needed the wheelchair. He came to share his healing testimony with us and gave glory to God. Hallelujah! We praise the Lord for His miraculous deed on our brother which also gave us great encouragement! 

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