House of Prayer

House of Prayer

Rev. Jimmy Tam

Director & Founder

  • Has a passion to raise up and train leaders and intercessors to be captivated by the glory of the kingdom and the power of prayer;
  • Shares prophetic vision, leads the ministry forward, and networks with other leaders and ministries for greater Kingdom manifestation;
  • Serves also as the Senior Pastor of Sunrise Christian Community (LA) and a Board Member of Sunrise International, which is the leadership team  overseeing the ministries of Sunrise House of Prayer and Sunrise Christian Community worldwide.


John Hsu

Intercessory Missionary

  • Paricipated in Sunrise House of Prayer ministry since 2011.
  • Leader of the Living Water Fellowship and the Shofar Prayer Meeting
  • Emmaus Lutheran Church



Julie Wang

Intercessory Missionary

  • Participated in Sunrise House of Prayer ministry since 2012.
  • Plans the morning prayer meetings and networks with the Chinese Churches in LA.
  • Sunrise Christian Community



Jenny Yu

Intercessory Missionary 

  • Parcipated in Sunrise House of Prayer ministry since 2011.
  • Leads the ministry of physical and inner healing
  • First United Methodist Church of San Gabriel



Cherry Tang

Director of Sunkids & Supernatural

  • Loves to be around children and desire to see them grow up knowing God, loving God, serving God and walking into the promises of God;
  • Has a passion of bringing the kingdom of God with signs and wonders;
  • Serves also as the Intern Pastor of Sunrise Christian Community (LA), which is to provide support to our Senior Pastor and leadership team, supervise the staff and volunteer team.


Anna Yung

Administrative Assistant (Part time)

  • Has a passion in leading  prophetic worship and bringing people into God's glorious presence through praise and worship;
  • Develops and maintains Sunrise House of Prayer website and handles other administrative tasks in the House of Prayer;
  • Serves also as the worship leader Sunrise Christian Community (LA) and an assistant coach in the student fellowship

Sunrise House of Prayer
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